KeniCoin is the only crypto-currency that is backed up by real businesses. It a currency entirely owned by a group of companies which enables it to remain reliable and predictable in the market.

Transaction Fee

Transacting with KeniCoin is FREE of charge which makes this currency one of the best currency to transact with.


KeniCoin is the first cryptocurrency in the world to be released into the market with a group of businesses ready to transact using the cryptocurrency exclusively. This will go a long way into ensuring that KeniCoin remain in constant demand and with its limited amount in the market, the value of the KeniCoin must keep assuming upward trajectory as demand continue to soar.


Like all other cryptocurrencies, KeniCoin is neither restricted to any particular jurisdiction nor regulated by any particular central bank and therefore free of any government interferences and regulations. This makes peer-2-peer transactions across the borders be carried out seamlessly without interferences from any third party easily and instantly.

Inflation Ceiling

All KeniCoin holders are cautioned against inflation which is normally caused by a high appetite by the governments to continue printing fiat money. In our case, only 10 million KeniCoin’s will be released to the market during ICO, the rest of the KeniCoins will be released gradually into the system through mining once KeniCoin hits six figure digit value. The last coins of KeniCoins are expected to be released by the end of year 2050. Considering the number of affiliate companies that will be in constant consumption of the limited KeniCoins in the market, we believe the demand for KeniCoins will always be higher than the supply and therefore the upward trajectory of the KeniCoins value is definitely guaranteed.


A good number of businesses have been set up with one objective in mind; consuming KeniCoin exclusively. With their huge discount of up to 40% off for those transacting in KeniCoin, we are very positive that, the number of KeniCoins we are releasing into the market are not enough to run these supportive businesses payment system. This shortage of the KeniCoins and the ever increasing demand of the same on the other side, will definitely lead to the skyrocketing of the value of KeniCoins by the day. We are very sure that, within the first 12 month after ICO, the value of KeniCoin will have increased at least 30 folds, which is around 3000%. This truth alone makes everyone want to be involved in procuring KeniCoins. In fact, we anticipate a shortage of KeniCoins at the 2nd phase of Crowd sale of our Tokens.


KeniCoin is an Ethereum based ERC20 Token which is highly secured and is a globally accepted standard. All transactions performed using KeniCoin are broadcasted on the Ethereum Blockchain and are mined by the Ethereum Community.